Steve Williams

Chairman & CEO

The son of a "steel hauling" man by trade, Steve Williams learned the fundamentals from his father. Born in 1953, Williams grew up in a small Missouri town where he took his father's lessons to heart. After President Jimmy Carter signed the Motor Carrier Act of 1980, deregulating the trucking industry, Williams seized the opportunity to pursue his dream and started Maverick with friend and co-worker Larry Leahy in a one room office in Texarkana, AR. In 1983, he purchased his partner’s interest in the company and became the sole owner of Maverick. Today the Williams family still owns 100% of the Maverick companies and operates over 1,600 pieces of equipment serving all of North America.

Steve has been an advocate for the trucking industry, serving trucking trade associations at the state and federal level as Chairman of the Arkansas Trucking Association and the American Trucking Associations. Steve also served on the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Science. Additionally, Steve served as Chairman of Americans for Safe and Efficient Transportation, Chairman of the American Transportation Research Institute and currently serves as Chairman of the Alliance for Driver Safety and Security.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.